Helping a Colleague Buy His Business


When Mark Shaver was presented with the opportunity to purchase a business, Buckhead Paws, he needed the expertise of a legal professional to help him through the process. “I needed an attorney to assist with the Contract for Sale, as well as in the negotiations and to provide general business advice.” Mark was familiar with Heather Wright through the business networking group the Buckhead Business Association and reached out to her. “I’ve known her for quite some time and have always found her to be very professional, so I knew she would represent me well.”


Heather started by asking Mark several questions to help her understand his business. When purchasing a business, there are many things to think about, so subjects such as service area, client base, services provided, payment terms, Client Services Agreement, and others were all covered. "This was really good for me, as it helped to clarify my own thoughts in areas where I might not have paid much attention,” says Mark.


By asking plenty of questions and really getting to know the business that Mark wanted to run Heather was able to create a comprehensive contract that allowed for a smooth business transition. "It’s been almost eight years since Heather helped me buy my business, and it’s wonderful. Fortunately, I don’t often need the services of an attorney, but when I do, I always turn to Heather because of her knowledge and professionalism.”


"She will always be an advocate for you and works to ensure your interests are taken into account. There’s never any doubt that Heather is on your side."


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