Producing a Watertight Contract


Dunlop Productions is an event production and management company that coordinates and manages multiple special events across the U.S. every year. One such event is the largest environmental festival in the U.S., which includes a variety of acts and draws over 150,000 people. The first year they worked on the event, Dan Dunlop, president, felt uneasy about the contracts for the show. “During that first year, while we did have contracts, I didn’t have anyone to go over them to ensure we were properly protected against loss and theft and to ensure payment terms and deliverables were clearly defined. I felt very exposed from a legal perspective.”


When Dunlop Productions started planning for next year’s festival, Dan decided to bring in Heather Wright. “Having worked with her on a few successful projects already, I knew she was the best choice for this job,” says Dan. “I shared with her the vulnerabilities I thought we had and she took it from there.” Heather created a contract that closed all the loopholes in the previous one and made certain nothing was left to chance. “She knew the things to look out for and pointed out areas that we didn’t even know about.” And when it came time to work with the other side’s attorneys, Heather was there to translate. “She was able to talk legalese with their counsel, yet also clearly explain everything to me as well, which was incredibly helpful. She was also accessible and responsive, so I never felt like I was left hanging or wondering when I’d hear from her.”


With a new, solid contract in place, Dunlop Productions proceeded to produce the festival without hesitation or issue. “During the second year, we weren’t nearly as nervous. A proper contract was in place before we started production and everything was rock solid.” As other needs arise, Dan knows he can go to Heather to help him out. “One of her strong suits is explaining options thoroughly and clearly. She’s an incredible listener but also a great synthesizer of information. I trusted her with my business, but also my personal well-being; these projects are so large that they can literally wipe you out without the right type of representation. I can’t imagine a better partner, and I have confidence knowing she is in my corner.”


“What differentiates Heather Wright from other attorneys is that she is in the foxhole with me. She brings trust and a sense of well-being to the situation and levels the playing field. I like the idea that the Wright Attorneys are looking out for me as my business grows which always makes them the right choice for me.”


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