Approaching Divorce with Compassion & Advocacy


Divorce is always challenging, even when the parties aren’t litigious. When Diane* decided it was time to seek a divorce, she wanted someone who would represent her well but not be out for blood the way some divorce attorneys are. “I do care for my husband and have compassion for him,” says Diane. “He has mental health issues and can’t keep a job, and I couldn’t continue being married to him. But I also wanted to make sure that he was as comfortable as possible and his needs were considered as well, particularly since he didn’t have separate representation.”


Diane was referred to The Wright Attorneys to help her through this difficult time. “I needed someone who could help me navigate the waters of this divorce.” With a child in the picture, there were many options that the firm put forth to Diane. “When working with Heather, she was available, flexible and sympathetic. She explained all the choices that were available to me, but ultimately understood my desire for a compassionate divorce, and that ultimately the only thing I absolutely wanted was having full custody of our child.”


The divorce went through without any complications and Diane credits the firm with helping keep things civil. “When she initially met with my husband, I was nervous. But there was something calming about her, and she put him at ease right away. He said she went over and above to make him comfortable as well. While the relationship needed to end, there was no need for it to end poorly. Having a lawyer who knows how to avoid triggering a mentally ill person was key for us and Heather was completely understanding.”


"I've always heard that divorce lawyers want to be combative, but this was not the case with Heather. I felt supported, and she understood my need for compassion during this time. She was comforting and helped make a difficult situation less so.”


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*Name changed to keep client anonymous