Providing Safety & Security from a Threatening Neighbor


This is a story of a friendship that went sour. A condo owner, who was president of their complex’s homeowner’s association board, befriended a neighbor. While the friendship flourished, the neighbor wanted more from the relationship, but the condo owner, who lived in the complex for 18 years, turned down the advances. Around the same time, the neighbor was asked to slow down when driving through the neighborhood because residents were complaining. The neighbor started sending threatening and vulgar emails and text messages to the condo owner and the HOA board. After trying to work through the issues with the neighbor, the condo owner decided to sell their condo and move away for their safety and happiness. This same person also filed for a restraining order against her now former neighbor, based on police recommendations. Shortly after, the neighbor also filed a similar order on the condo owner. That’s when the condo owner asked a friend for a referral to an attorney who told her to call Heather Wright.


The condo owner wanted the restraining order removed. Since the condo owner had moved away from the complex, they didn’t have to worry about having to get along with the neighbor on-site anymore. Heather made it clear to the condo owner in their first conversation that she understood the character of the neighbor and the concern raised by the repeated threats. The condo owner recalls Heather listening without interruption, then explaining everything in a very down-to-earth manner that was easy to understand.

“When I heard she understood how hard it is on me, having served on an HOA board herself, it meant a lot to work with someone who had walked in my shoes,” the condo owner said. “She knew how to explain my situation to the judge and tell my story in a way that would show why the restraining order should be removed.”


Heather helped get the restraining order removed, and her courtroom questioning of the neighbor was precise and legally focused, which helped the judge clearly understand the situation.

“This was a one-sided flight, where my neighbor was making up a ton of stuff about me and the judge had to navigate the lies. Heather helped clear up the situation,” the condo owner said. “I saw both the pussycat and the bulldog side of her, and she’s great at both. She is incredibly kind but can be forceful and direct when needed.

Never having used an attorney in their life, the condo owner didn’t know how it worked. “Jill, Heather’s paralegal, was informative, returned calls, emailed promptly and helped me out,” the condo owner said. “I was completely comfortable and never worried if I was in good hands.”


“I was very pleased with the professionalism of both Heather and Jill. Both listened to me and acted on my requests in ample time to achieve the best results to resolve my legal issue. I highly recommend their service.”

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