Case Studies

The best way to learn more about what it is like to work with The Wright Firm is to hear it firsthand from our clients. Click below to read case studies of recent cases from our clients' point of view.

Partnering with an Attorney with Real Estate Knowledge Makes All the Difference

"I am happy to have Vickie in my corner. She’s honest and offers great advice; she’s never failed me once since we started working together in 2017."

Making Sure 4-Legged Support Animals Can Help Buy a Car

“These women are beasts! As my father would say, ‘They don’t take tea for the fever.’ They are on speed dial if I ever need an attorney again.”

Providing Safety & Security from a Threatening Neighbor

“I was very pleased with the professionalism of both Heather and Jill. Both listened to me and acted on my requests in ample time to achieve the best results to resolve my legal issue. I highly recommend their service.”

Producing a Watertight Contract

"What differentiates Heather Wright from other attorneys is that she is in the foxhole with me. She brings trust and a sense of well-being to the situation and levels the playing field. I like the idea that the Wright Attorneys are looking out for me as my business grows which always makes them the right choice for me."

Helping a Colleague Buy His Business

"She will always be an advocate for you and work to ensure your interests are taken into account. There’s never any doubt that Heather is on your side."

Approaching Divorce with Compassion & Advocacy

"I’ve always heard that divorce lawyers want to be combative, but this was not the case with Heather. I felt supported and she understood my need for compassion during this time. She was comforting and helped make a difficult situation less so."