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Avoiding Mechanics and Materialmen Liens in Georgia

You decided to try your hand at flipping houses. You purchased a fixer-upper in the perfect neighborhood and hired a contractor to perform the renovation. As the renovation progresses, the project is over-budget and going well past the planned completion date. The contractor is demanding additional money before completing the work. You are frustrated with…

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Georgia’s Right to Repair Statute

So, you hired a contractor to do work on your home. The next thing you know, the vendors haven’t shown up on time, the project is late, and the contractor is demanding more money. What do you do? Even if you hire the best contractor, disagreements are likely to arise. Fortunately, Georgia law provides a…

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Tips for Hiring a Contractor

  Deciding to make improvements to your home is a big deal. Whether you thinking about repainting a bedroom or completely remodeling your home, you need to protect your home. Not only is it likely your most valuable asset, but it is the place where you and your family live, so before any work begins,…

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